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Compliance made Simple.

WasteTrainer is an online training and support system for waste companies to ensure compliance with today’s mandatory regulations. With optimized content and trainings on both procedural and compliance topics, WasteTrainer brings a cutting edge training product to your clients at an affordable price!


Reasons to Get Started with WasteTrainer.


No more paying for extra trainings when clients need additional training tokens, credits or views. Reuse trainings as many times as needed.


Simple to use platform that allows for easy viewing of courses on any device, simple management of users, and creation of new accounts.


Recover certificates from anywhere, at any time, we’ve got you covered when audits come.


Customize your site and certificates of completion with your company logo, so integration is seamless.


Fully white boxed system with custom embedded code to make the login on your company webpage.


Customer Support is second to none with automated talks to support your clients, customer support to all staff from 9am-5pm, and simple to follow tutorials for your staff, with unlimited training sessions on use of the system.



8 Included Courses.


Bloodborne Pathogens (CA and Federal)

Hazard Communication GHS Standard

Fire Safety and Prevention


Texas HB300

DOT Training

Personal Protective Equiptment

Waste Handling

WasteTrainer -VS- The Other Guys

  WasteTrainer Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Binders / Pamphlets
Price Custom Pricing availible $500 per month Not Availible to Third Parties $250+ per office
Included Locations 100 200 Not Availible to Third Parties
SCORM Compliant Updated Courseware Yes No No No
Manage Multiple Locations Yes Yes No Nie
Group Learning Features Yes No No Nie
Safety Plans, Incident Reports and MSDS Library Yes Yes No Nie
Included Annual Trainings Per Location 15 Users- Unlimited Trainings 10 Trainings (not users) per location per year NA NA
Additional Trainings Require Additional Cost No Tak Yes Yes
Bottom Line Customized Pricing, Customized User Counts and Updated Content make Waste Trainer the best training solution for the Waste Industry. $500 per month gets you 200 locations but they are limited to 10 trainings before additional costs Will not allow 3rd party providers to use their system Outdated, costly and confusing for offices to use


Generate additional revenue for your waste company while delivering a quality product to your partners and organizations. WasteTrainer provides you with all the tools you need to reach and appeal to waste organizations, including customizable marketing materials for your organization.

READY to simplify Uncomplicate?

WasteTrainer will provide your clients the training and support to help offices stay safe, secure, and in compliance. We’re here to help get you started and have your account up and running same day for one low monthly subscription fee. Inquire today, and see how you can uncomplicated compliance and meet your company training needs.

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